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Top 9 Free Quillbot Alternatives- Paraphrasing Tools

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Quillbot is a free online tool for summarizing, rephrasing, and checking grammar; however, it is mostly used for paraphrasing. It can assist you increase your writing speed and word meaning. Quillbot can assist you with everything from email to essays to blog articles. Let us now review Free Quillbot Alternatives.

Online Free Quillbot Alternative Tools Best tool for paraphrasing blog posts, sentences, and text. This tool can help you to replace words with synonyms, alter phrase construction, and rearrange sentences within paragraphs according to logic. Text appears fluid and natural.

Features: Sentence change, Paragraph change, Word changer, Paragraph rewriter, Rephrase Sentence

Free quillbot atlernative

Wordtune: This is an chrome extention helps you rewrite articles without having to start from scratch. This extenstion makes it possible to edit sentences, paragraphs, and other writing styles. In addition to the typical synonym swapping mechanism offered by most services, it gives additional capabilities too.

Features: Thesaurus, Text editing, ReStructuredText, Text Expansion.

wordtune paraphrasing tool
Wordtune Chrome Extention (Best Quillbot Alternative) The paraphrase tool can reformat your content like Quillbot, verify it for plagiarism, determine how unique it is, and correct any grammar mistakes that helps to make content search engine friendly. It gives three options to paraphrase the content fluency, standard, creative, and smarter. The last three options need a premium plan.

Features: Professional and quick plagiarism checking, Rephrasing/Paraphrasing: Expert and incredibly quick, UNLIMITED and completely FREE in everything Your creative energy will be boosted by Spinbot’s incredible, contextually intelligent algorithms as you discover many new ways to express yourself. You might just need one more click to give your mind the boost it needs to emerge from its writer’s block. It’s the best free to use Quillbot alternative tool.

Features: Text Spinning, Paraphrasing of content.


Chimp Rewriter: chimprewriter, a professionally constructed article paraphrasing tool, learns from users the synonyms they prefer. Part-of-speech recognition is used to only substitute synonyms that are appropriate in the current context. allows you to modify or spin articles, web content, or tasks fast.

Features: Rewrite in multiple languages (advanced feature) and Spin or rewrite content in seconds

Chimp Rewriter
Chimp Rewriter

WordAi: WordAi identifies the meaning of each sentence and then completely rewrites it for uniqueness and readability. WordAi can then completely restructure your sentences while retaining their core meaning.

Features: Bulk rewrite, API, Bulk Download and Article Forge Integration.

WordAi rewriting Ai tool

Prepostseo Paraphrasing: The paraphrase tool is a sentence changer generator that promises to generate plagiarism-free material by rewriting whole sentence structure. The best thing about this Quillbot Alternative is that it is simple to use and free.

Features: produces plagiarism-free content and includes free plan.

Prepostseo Paraphrasing With this tool you can paraphrase bulk content at once. This one is also the most accurate AI-based rephrasing tool available, it rewrites essays or phrases in a matter of seconds while ensuring that the content is original.

Features: free to use and provides three options to paraphrase the content.

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